BEETECH TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICE MULTIMEDIA COMPANY LIMITED was founded in 2016, the first employees of the company were trained from the Vietnam – Japan training cooperation project, in Hanoi University of Science and Technology. With knowledge and relationships, Beetech focuses on developing jobs in the Japanese market and Vietnam market as its development strategy … After over 4 years of construction and development, Beetech has expanded its connection with partners in Japan, South Korea and the United States.

Some of the services and software that the company has been deploying and providing to customers include: travel, long-distance car booking, AI and AI / VA virtual reality applications, etc. In addition, the Company also provides services on joint solution design in digital transformation. Together with young employees, Beetech always strives to develop and provide software services such as websites, mobile applications, e-commerce and distribution of online entertainment media. Along with criteria: “Keep learning and creating” and the Slogan: “Make thing easier”, we always try and proactively solve all of our customers with effective technology solutions, and bring the competitive advantage in business comes to enterprises..


– Become a reliable partner of all businesses and organizations in the field of website design consultancy, mobile applications, software solutions, electronic and technical information systems.

– In the future, we want and will strive to become one of the leading companies in providing services, software construction and professional website design in Vietnam. With the potential of technology, the strength of knowledge and international standard workflow, Beetech promises to create a great strength to satisfy the needs of customers in the best and most thoughtful way!


Owning a young and dynamic staff, Beetech built its corporate culture towards freshness and enthusiasm, everyone is free to discuss, propose and share information with others, the working environment is very fun, but also professional.

In other side, Beetech has developed a professional workflow (such as building a project process with scrum) as well as regular internal training staff. Besides, with the criteria: “Work hard, play hard”, the Company is also regularly organize events and encourage people to join clubs (such as gym, football, …) to make everyone connect with each other, its help to contribute and create the agreement between employees.


Beetech office is located in the Ecolife Capital building – a building have beautiful landscapes with lots of trees and waterfalls, aquariums, which creating a cool place and a pleasant feeling for those who come here. The company also occupies one of the most beautiful locations in the building with a clear view, all employees can see the outside landscape. In addition, the company also creates a green working environment with lovely potted plants placed in the corners of the office, its helping to reduce stress when working in a long time.

As a software company, Beetech always catches up on new and modern technologies with high applicability. One of the technology products applied at the company is the timekeeper with facial recognition technology.

As mentioned above, the Company is also extremely interested in looking after the lives and spirit of employees. The company often has events to associate members of the company such as 8/3, 20/10, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas, … All employees are allowed to use drinks such as soft drinks, milk, coffee,… (always prepared by the Company) when needed to improve working efficiency. Every Thursday, there is always have a teabreak prepared so that everyone can take a break and chat after stressful working hours.


Chorei morning is a beauty of Japanese office culture. At Beetech, Chorei will be held every Monday and Thursday morning. At 8:00 am on Monday or Thursday morning, a member of the company will stand up to share a story or personal experience, and the rest of the company can contribute or share more ideas or opinion about that topic. After the Chorei, everyone was warmly stimulated and energetic in the morning to enter the new working day.


Beetech always creates conditions for people to improve their health or knowledge as well as engage company members through clubs.

Football club for men who are passionate about soccer, want to improve their health. The club has regular meetings with other clubs every month, helping its members to conquer the pitch.

Gym club for those who want to have a healthy and supple body. Coming to the Gym Club, everyone goes out to practice and share with each other about the healthy diets, how to lose weight, increase muscle, and have a better body.

For those who want to improve their Japanese skills, the company also has a Japanese club where everyone can study and share information, how to learn Japanese and discover Japanese culture.

In addition, the members of the company can also propose to open more clubs in accordance with their wishes.

Gym Club

Football Club


With the desire to unite the members of the company as well as create a relaxing atmosphere after stressful working hours, Beetech always organizes fun collective activities such as monthly birthday parties, International Women’s March 8, Mid-Autumn Festival, 20/10, Year End Party … There are the time for people to relax, and everyone can share and caring more about each other.

Monthly birthday party

International Women’s Day

Year End Party

Team building activities bring people closer, have new experiences and explore new horizon. Everyone can enjoy the view, food, play fun games and create unforgettable memories together.

Play game together