With the motto "MAKE THINGS EASIER", with a team of creative Digital and experienced Developers
Beetechsoft is always ready to provide perfect technology solutions to help your business optimize costs and grow revenue.

Working environment

We work with positive and responsible attitude and create the best value.


Weekly Chourei – Japanese experience-sharing culture

Learning Japanese office culture, every Tuesday morning, Beetechsoft members will share their own stories and experiences to start a new working day with lots of positive energy. pole.

people are the focus

Highly appreciate human’s intelligence as an element to make things move forward

Members have rights to discuss, share what they think and know how to improve the working perfomance. We appreciate unique and creative ideas to let members shine in their own way.

Always try to actualize
our members’ ideas

BEETECH is set to be a place where each member can develop their creativity by expressing their ideas in internal meetings. The ideas will be considered by managers and actualized if they are reasonable.


Chance of improving individual performance

BEETECHers get internal trainings. Members have chance to improve their skills at work: problem-solving skill, team-working skill, customer-serving skill, etc.

tea break

Weekly tea break time

In BEETECH, we have 30-minute tea-break on every Monday and Thursday. Everyone can have a short break to relax before continuing working. Monthly birthday party for members are also held during tea-break to show our care for each other.

event club

Event & Club

Activities that bond members in the company as well as create a relaxing atmosphere after stressful working hours: soccer, table tennis, Men's Day, International Women's Day March 8, Vietnamese Women's Day October 20, Year End Party

Working environment

We work with positive and responsible attitude and create the best value.