Vì sao lựa chọn Beetech

We have highly experienced software engineers

Having many well-trained software engineers graduating rom Higher Education Development Support Project on ICT (HEDSPI) of Hanoi University of Science and Technology in company along with highly experienced ones, we are confident that no matter how difficult clients’ requirements seem to be, we can suit them with Japanese quality standards.

We get economical services

Knowing clients’ concern about high price to build a successful product, we “only bring the most practical value to our clients”.

  • To clients who want to hire outsourcing resources, we will get the project, estimate the workload and give suitable expenses.
  • To clients who want package development service, expenses will vary reasonably depending on their demands or function specifications.

We, BEETECH, will only bring SUPER economical package services that match clients’ need.

experience and cost

We produce user-friendly products

The simpler the product is, the more favorite it gets.
Noticing that trend, we are attempting to create the products which bring great experience to clients. By that, we can build long-lasting valuable softwares.

We are always by your side till the project is complete

Not only ensuring the quality of product, we also support our clients anytime they want. Additionally, we also provide long-term system maintenance service to make their system work well.

  • Checking and fixing bugs arising during system operation
  • Adding new function, or new professional business
  • Backing up data – Collecting and analysing clients’ responses
  • Monitoring server
  • Improving and optimizing system’s efficiency
always accompany

Clients’ success
is our pride

When clients’ product built by BEETECH is working well and widely known by end-users, we know we have created great value. Furthermore, thanks to clients’ trust, we can have chance to work on such meaningful products.