Developing online education software ecosystem

Developing online education

software ecosystem

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The development of the digital era makes the application of technology in education more and more widespread and necessary. Many digital education systems have been born and improved, meeting the diverse needs of users, making the transmission of knowledge through the internet space more popular and effective than ever. Keeping up with that trend, BEETECH creates online classes where businesses and organizations can train internally or connect sessions with branches and commit to providing accurate algorithms and high security which ensures security in internal data sharing. Enterprises will not have to worry about security issues, accommodation and transportation problems during long-term focused training courses while still ensuring objectivity in assessing employee capacity through training results.

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The main section of the BTeam system:

  • File management system: Is an educational support system for managing work, lectures, helping to distribute documents to a large number of students.
  • Learning content management system: Allows to create and adjust, supplement, review and manage learning content in a scientific and effective way.
  • Lecture making tools: are supported with a variety of tools, helping teachers to conduct lectures and transmit knowledge content through images, videos, audio, and writing. Make the lesson lively, easy to understand, easy to achieve high efficiency.
  • Online learning system: Teachers and learners will participate at the same time, allowing both to interact anytime, anywhere via video call

The outstanding advantages of BTeam:

  • Save cost in a maximum way:

    Bteam can save travel costs, learning equipment, and reduce training time. In addition, the cost of learning through the BTeam platform will normally be less than the traditional learning method. Each student only costs the first time to register for the course and can register for as many courses as they need.

  • Save time

    Teachers can flexibly schedule, prepare lesson plans, teaching time, time to perform class tasks (distributing tests, sending documents, grading, ...). Students can choose a suitable registration time. Especially for those who work, online learning will not affect work and save travel time.

  • Improve the ability to teach and manage students
    • With the BTeam online education method, it is easier for teachers to transmit lectures than usual when thanks to the support of teaching tools, the quick connection of parts and functions of the system.
    • In addition, BTeam software also allows information to be automatically saved on the server, which can only be changed by the visitor of the course. The teacher can evaluate and score students through the saved answers.
  • Unlimited space

    No need to go to school, no need to go to the center, both teachers and learners can do their training and learning anywhere, anytime. Especially for students in remote areas who cannot go to school, Bteam is a great support tool to pursue their dreams.

  • High security

    The system is built and operates on the server side of the client, which is directly managed internally by the customer, thus minimizing the risk of information leakage and theft from outside.

Target users of BTeam:

  • Enterprises: BTeam can be used to train new employees or train existing employees with new skills and new expertise, helping to improve work efficiency, increase labor productivity, and enhance professionalism.
  • Government agencies: Use BTeam to ensure high work productivity and reduce training costs.
  • Educational organizations (schools at all levels, universities, ...): Using BTeam helps students access modern learning technology, improve learning efficiency.
  • Training Center: Use BTeam to enhance and expand training for modern classrooms. In addition, some training centers use BTeam as a main tool in teaching.

BTeam has become an optimal choice in any institution, educational institution or business unit. With the continuous advancement of technology, online education will be increasingly improved, to be able to support the needs of users to the fullest.