Designing and developing E-commerce Website

BEETECH provides the best quality and affordable website design services for businesses and individuals from simple marketing pages to feature-rich web service applications. We also implemented an e-commerce CMS to make it easier for users to find information and make transactions more popular by integrating with payment channels – online e-wallets.

Human resource management system

By using the facial authentication system, BEETECH's human resource management system will help businesses reduce the burden in the management of wages/salary/leave days while ensuring flexibility and accuracy to create the most effective working environment. In particular, it can work offline without the internet. Along with that is the function of evaluating project KPIs, the capacity of each employee is most objectively demonstrated through cross-evaluation and confirmation of the Leader.
Tour booking

Tired, boring group travel which brings little freedom will gradually become an obstacle for any family or group of friends before deciding to book a tour.
To solve this problem, we created tour booking systems with an intuitive interactive interface, which displays full information to help users easily find the most suitable trip. Along with that, the system is also linked with hundreds of hotels, yachts, and thousands of tours around the country to help customers easily set up the tours and itineraries that they want.
E-commerce system

An effective E-commerce system requires not only a user-friendly and attractive interface design, but also a fast data processing system, a supplier management system, and many other convenient features. We provide products that customize the system to best suit each type of business with the biggest goal of nothing but bringing in huge sales for our suppliers.
Online car booking

The matching system between the driver and the person in need of transportation can smoothly and efficiently handle the steps from booking a car until the customer makes payment.
Personnel matching system

The human resource matching system between enterprises can help reduce the burden of the HR department through sharing idle staff and hiring personnel between companies. With the sharing of B-B personnel, businesses will solve major problems related to: security issues, work commitment and maintenance process after the development phase ends.